volunteer with us!

Why should you volunteer with Connecticut Parrot Rescue?

Quakers taking a bath at their foster home.

Quakers taking a bath at their foster home.

  • Provide a second chance to parrots who are often misunderstood

  • Hands-on experience and learning with various types of parrots

  • Enhance your resume for future animal-related career options

  • Some activities are tax-deductible

  • Network and meet a great group of people

  • That feel-good-feeling...We give TONS of that away!!


We are currently looking for the following types of Volunteers:

Donate to Help Parrots in Need!
  • Foster Homes (experience requirements vary)

  • Administrative Volunteers

  • Adoption Event Volunteers

  • Marketing/PR Volunteers

  • Fundraising Initiatives and Event Volunteers

  • Cage cleaning, Parrot enrichment, training and interaction, Educational/Clinic Volunteers

Volunteer application

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Should it be offered, I hereby accept a volunteer role at CONNECTICUT PARROT RESCUE for no monetary compensation. I understand that working in a rescue or with CONNECTICUT PARROT RESCUE birds at their foster location or in my own home (should I become a foster family), may expose me to certain risks inherent in animal care-taking, including but not limited to bird-borne illnesses, bites, scratches, bruises, broken skin, damage to clothing and other personal and common items, etc. I voluntarily accept those risks. While volunteering with and representing CONNECTICUT PARROT RESCUE, I agree to conduct myself at all times in a manner which minimizes any risk to myself, the birds or the rescue's reputation as a whole. I will not bring a minor or pet into CONNECTICUT PARROT RESCUE foster home or to an event without explicit permission from a CONNECTICUT PARROT RESCUE Board Member. If I bring a minor or pet with me, I do so with the knowledge that exposure of such minor(s) or pet(s) to the potentials dangers that may accompany my service to CONNECTICUT PARROT RESCUE will be at my own risk and that of the minor(s) or pet(s). I will supervise the minor(s) at all times while volunteering with CONNECTICUT PARROT RESCUE or elsewhere in the presence of CONNECTICUT PARROT RESCUE birds. If I am pregnant, or suffer any physical problems that may be affected in any way by my duties or otherwise associated with my volunteer role, that may be detrimental to my health or the health of my fetus, I will voluntarily and temporarily resign or take a leave until I am once again able to perform the tasks required of a volunteer. I will notify the Director should I have a condition or am taking medications which places myself, the birds and/or other volunteers of CONNECTICUT PARROT RESCUE at risk. I understand that the CONNECTICUT PARROT RESCUE Director and Board Members have full operational control of shelter volunteers and have the authority to take whatever action is necessary to ensure the successful operation of the rescue and the safety of the volunteers and birds. In the event I have a complaint or criticism about any facet of my volunteer position or about CONNECTICUT PARROT RESCUE policies or procedures, I agree to deliver such complaint or criticism in confidence, to the CONNECTICUT PARROT RESCUE Director. In case of an emergency while at Connecticut Parrot Rescue or related event, I hereby give permission for a Connecticut Parrot Rescue representative to seek professional medical care on my behalf. Additionally, a Connecticut Parrot Rescue representative will attempt to contact the emergency contact listed above. I have signed this waiver of claims and release Connecticut Parrot Rescue from all legal and financial responsibility which may be incurred. I understand that completing this application does not guarantee that I will be able to volunteer with CONNECTICUT PARROT RESCUE. The approval of an individual as an official volunteer is at the sole discretion of CONNECTICUT PARROT RESCUE Board Members after Training/Orientation, in fulfilling CTPR's mission to provide the best possible environment and care for its birds. CONNECTICUT PARROT RESCUE reserves the right to terminate any volunteer application or volunteer relationship at any time, for any reason, as deemed necessary by CONNECTICUT PARROT RESCUE.
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