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Please email for an adoption, surrender, or placement form.**

We understand how difficult it can be to surrender a feathered family member. We take this process seriously in order to keep the interests of both the incoming and existing parrots in our care in mind at all times. Please read the details on this page in it's entirety and please provide us with as much information as possible to ease your parrot's transition.

Connecticut Parrot Rescue was founded in 2015 and is a small volunteer foster-based not-for-profit parrot rescue. We are completely volunteer and donation-run. Our goal is to find permanent loving homes for surrendered or rescued companion parrots. We work with a limited number of birds at a time to ensure individualized attention for each bird and greater adoption success. We also network with a number of other parrot rescues and resources to maximize the potential for each parrot’s adoption.

Although all birds will be considered for surrender on a space-available-basis, Connecticut Parrot Rescue reserves the right to refuse the intake of any parrot and will suggest the CTPR Placement program or alternate rescue as needed. Surrendered birds must have the potential to be re-homed as Connecticut Parrot Rescue does not have the space or availability of resources to permanently home sanctuary birds at this time. Birds accepted by Connecticut Parrot Rescue must have current medical records ensuring that the bird is free of any contagious avian diseases. At this time, we rarely have the funds of facilities for emergency intakes and vetting requirements. Please contact us as far as possible in advance of your placement/surrender needs. In extreme situations, we may be able to suggest or assist with low-cost vetting.



Who will care for my parrot? A CTPR Volunteer, in a loving, experienced, bird-friendly home.

Veterinary Requirements? Please see below (Definitely Psittacosis and PBFD - through your vet or our test kits CLICK HERE)

What will CTPR do for me and my bird? Assume full responsibility for your bird, provide complete care, thoroughly screen potential adopters and perform all visits, home checks, etc.

Is there a surrender fee? No, but any donations are greatly appreciated and help us to further our mission to help parrots in need.

I want to surrender my parrot, what do I do next? Continue reading the veterinary requirements below and complete the surrender form.


Who will care for my parrot? You will, your parrot will stay in your home

Veterinary Requirements? We recommend the tests below, but this is completely up to you. Just let us know so that we may inform potential adopters.

What will CTPR do for me and my bird? Advertise your parrot as adoptable, screen potential adopters, check references and send applications for you to set up appointments, meet and choose an adopter for your parrot.

Is there a surrender fee? Yes, $25.

I want to put my parrot in the CTPR Placement Program, what do I do next? Complete the placement form.

In order to ensure the health and safety of all the birds in CTPR’s care, veterinary records of the following medical tests must be provided along with the submission of this form. Records must be dated within a year of the actual surrender date.

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  • Required: Through your veterinarian or our test kits (CLICK HERE)

  • Encouraged:

    • Fecal/gram Stain

    • Complete Blood Chemistry (CBC) Panel

    • Wellness Exam 

  • Helpful:

    • Microchip (registered to Connecticut Parrot Rescue)

    • DNA (Gender) Test

Tests may be completed by the veterinarian of your choice. If you do not have a veterinarian, please contact an avian veterinarian on our Links page.

Submit the form below and with the required veterinary results to set up a surrender date.

Given the demands of a completely volunteer-run rescue organization, monetary contributions in any amount and in-kind donations are greatly appreciated (or request our “wish list”).

Completing this form enables us to know as much as possible about the bird you are surrendering, thereby making the transition easier and less stressful for all involved. Additionally, surrendering your bird with its cage, toys, food, supplies and accessories will also ease the transition process for your bird.

This form is to be completed by someone at least 18 years old. Please answer all the questions to the best of your knowledge.  If you have any questions, please ask us.

Birds are accepted on a space-available basis which may result in a wait-listed time period.

If you would prefer to receive this in a printable version, please CONTACT US and we will email or mail the paperwork to you.

If applicable, your surrender donation may be tax deductible.

Submit Your Placement Donation


Please fill out one form per bird

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Owner/Guardians Name:
Gender *
If known, how do you know the bird's gender?
Bird need to be tested for Psittacosis and PBFD before we are able to take them in for the safety of the other birds in the rescue. Gender testing, Gram Stains, CBC with Chemistry, and Bile Acid tests are very helpful and encouraged if you are able to do them. *
Visit our LINKS page to find an Avian Veterinarian in your area, or we sell test kits on our site (
Where did you acquire this bird? *
I have notified my veterinarian that my bird(s) records should be sent to
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