Connecticut Parrot Rescue was founded in July 2015 and as of September 2016, became an official 501c3 non-profit public charity. We are completely run by Connecticut-based volunteer foster homes, who aid the transition and rehabilitation processes of companion parrots into loving adoptive homes. Please browse our website to learn more about our organization, our exciting partnerships, how you can get involved and of course... our amazing adoptable parrots! We strive to give our parrots the best possible care, and then integrate them into suitable and loving homes.

Connecticut Parrot Rescue started with Maxine the Quaker/Monk Parrot being found in someone's chicken coop. We took this little one in, no questions asked, but then had to foot the bill for veterinary care and food. Resulting a $400 veterinary invoice to pay. If Maxine was ill, the veterinary charges would have been MUCH larger and we would not have been able to help this super sweet Quaker.
Unfortunately, in our experience, this is NOT an atypical situation. We receive a lot of calls for found parrots and emergency surrenders (both with little or no veterinary care history). With your help, we won't have to say no to them.

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30% ($1,500) Intake Assistance: Cover the veterinary testing associated with the surrender of parrots in true financial need.
For the safety of the parrots currently in CTPR's care, we require that all parrots surrendered to the rescue must be current on their veterinary screening/tests. Recognizing that one of the many reasons parrots are surrendered is due to an owner's financial hardships, where possible and deemed essential, CTPR will be able to provide CTPR Board-approved financial assistance with meeting this requirement for incoming parrots.
70% ($3,500) Emergency Medical Assistance: These funds will be allocated to medical emergencies of parrots in our care.
Emergencies are not only traumatic for the bird involved, they also wreak havoc on a rescue's minimal financial resources. Emergency vet visits add up quickly, and can easily cost a few thousand dollars to save a bird's life. CTPR hopes to never have to choose between providing a parrot with essential medical care and allocating money to other essential expenses.

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