volunteer with us!

Why should you volunteer with Connecticut Parrot Rescue?

Quakers taking a bath at their foster home.

Quakers taking a bath at their foster home.

  • Provide a second chance to parrots who are often misunderstood

  • Hands-on experience and learning with various types of parrots

  • Enhance your resume for future animal-related career options

  • Some activities are tax-deductible

  • Network and meet a great group of people

  • That feel-good-feeling...We give TONS of that away!!


We are currently looking for the following types of Volunteers:

Donate to Help Parrots in Need!
  • Foster Homes (experience requirements vary)

  • Administrative Volunteers

  • Adoption Event Volunteers

  • Marketing/PR Volunteers

  • Fundraising Initiatives and Event Volunteers

  • CURRENTLY ON HOLD: Cage cleaning, Parrot enrichment, training and interaction, Educational/Clinic Volunteers

Volunteer application

The forms on our website are not working properly. Please EMAIL us instead info@ctparrotrescue.org. Please check your spam for replies. If you have submitted a form in the last week, we have not received it. Please email us asap. Thank you.