Parrots in captivity generally do not have the opportunities to wear down their beaks and nails as they would in the wild. As a result, long beaks and nails may pose a hazard to themselves and their caregivers. Flighted birds also pose the risk of flying away (and not being able to survive alone or in our climate) or lethally flying into a window, etc.

Connecticut Parrot Rescue suggests grooming your parrot approximately every 3 months; although each parrot's needs differ and are influenced by the change of seasons.

CTPR offers grooming events in Stratford, CT (other locations may be considered). The form below will need to be completed before we are able to groom your bird(s). Please visit our events page to find out when and where our next grooming event is scheduled.

We will be able to assist you with trimming:

  • Wings

  • Beak

  • Nails

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Fees range from $15-$40 per groom based on the type of parrot you have.

APPOINTMENTS ARE ESSENTIAL. Please complete the form below to begin the process of setting up your parrot's grooming appointment.

grooming request

The forms on our website are not working properly. Please EMAIL us instead Please check your spam for replies. If you have submitted a form in the last week, we have not received it. Please email us asap. Thank you.