disease and Gender Testing

Early detection can prevent the devastating effects an outbreak can cause. In addition, people working, living or visiting with birds can spread these diseases from one location and bird to another. CTPR partners with Animal Genetics, Inc/Avian Biotech International to provide you with efficient, reliable and affordable disease testing.

Results are generally available electronically within 72 hours of being received by the lab.

CTPR requires the following test results before an adoption appointment may be set up:

  • Another bird currently in the home or people with birds visit the home: Psittacosis and PBFD tests
  • Another bird of the same breed in the home: Gender, Psittacosis and PBFD tests
  • A bird used to live in/visit the home: Psittacosis and PBFD tests

Flock testing - if you have multiple birds in one cage/the same area of your home, it is possible to combine tests. Please note however, that if a test result comes back positive, additional testing will be needed to determine which bird has the illness.

If you do not have these results, please ask your veterinarian to perform these tests for you, or order the test kits below:

Additional tests are available - contact us to find out more.