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Connecticut Parrot Rescue offers Boarding and Pet-Sitting Services based on availability in either your home or our's. Please also check our links for a list of preferred Parrot-sitters for in-home care.

While traveling, rest assured that you feathered family members are receiving the individualized care we provide our own parrots! Your bird will NOT be secluded in their cage for the duration of their stay as is the norm in many other non-parrot-focused facilities. Your bird will be treated like one of our own, and will receive one-on-one attention from our qualified volunteers. Your bird WILL receive fresh food, water and clean paper twice a day.

Boarding birds are accepted on a space-available basis and at CTPR’s discretion. While CTPR strives to offer boarding services to birds as space allows, CTPR has the right to refuse to board any bird at their own discretion, for any reason.

If all parties agree, one of our pre-screened and qualified foster homes may be 'employed' to care for a boarding bird. In this situation, the bird will be transported to and from the boarding-foster family’s home by the bird owner.

Daily Boarding Fees:

  • XS – Budgies, Canaries, Cockatiels, Finches, Parrotlets, and birds of similar size: $10

  • S - Caiques, Conures, Senegals, and birds of similar size: $15

  • M - Amazons, Eclectus, Greys, Goffin’s Cockatoos and birds of similar size: $25

  • L – Large Cockatoos and Macaws: $40

Discounts may be offered for multiple birds, frequent and extended stays.

A portion of your boarding fees may be tax deductible.

To board a bird with Connecticut Parrot Rescue, please;

  • Complete the form below as far in advance of your boarding needs as possible.

  • Provide the most recent veterinary record.

    • If your bird is boarding with Connecticut Parrot Rescue for less than a month, veterinary records must be dated within the last 12 months.

    • If a bird is boarding with Connecticut Parrot Rescue for more than a month, veterinary records must be dated within the last 9 months.
      Veterinary Records are to include the following tests;

      • Psitticosis Test

      • Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease

      • Wellness Exam

      • Fecal/gram Stain

      • Complete Blood Chemistry (CBC) Panel

  • Provide a copy of written notice (will be sent to you to complete) to the avian veterinarian closest to the location of your parrot's boarding home. This will allow CTPRto seek medical care (if necessary) for your bird while boarding with CTPR. Any costs incurred will be the sole responsibility of the bird’s owner.

  • Birds need to have their wings clipped, as well as their beaks and nails trimmed before they are boarded. Grooming (wings, nails and beak) can be provided by CTPR at an additional charge of $15 - $40 based on the size of the bird.

  • Provide the necessary quantity of your bird’s dry, pellet diet for the duration of their stay. Fresh, raw and organic fruits, vegetables and whole nuts will be provided daily to supplement your bird’s diet.

Boarding request

Name *
While CTPR strives to provide the best of care in a completely safe and healthy environment, the owner of the bird recognizes that CTPR is foremost a bird rescue organization. We try to ensure that all our birds are up to date with their medical needs and address concerns as they arise. However, true rescue situations may result in an un-vetted bird being brought into CTPR’s facility *
Payment for the complete period of boarding is due when the bird is received by CTPR. *
Payment for any unforeseen additional days and/or fees will be due prior to the release of the bird(s) listed below. *
I have read and understand the stipulations of Connecticut Parrot Rescue. Should Connecticut Parrot Rescue be able to accommodate my bird(s), I am seeking care and boarding of the bird(s) during the dates listed below. I have provided the necessary paperwork and supplies as requested by Connecticut Parrot Rescue and understand that in the event of an emergency, should a representative of Connecticut Parrot Rescue not be able to contact me, my bird(s) will be taken to and cared for by a local avian veterinarian. Understanding that both Connecticut Parrot Rescue and the Veterinary Group aim to provide the highest standards of care for my bird(s), I will not hold Connecticut Parrot Rescue or the Veterinarian responsible for any charges incurred or the damage to or loss of my pet. *
Should the bird(s) not be able to be picked up on the specified date and if CTPR is no longer able to care for the bird(s), for any reason, I hereby grant permission to release and transfer care responsibility to the emergency contact listed above. *
In the case of the bird(s) still being in Connecticut Parrot Rescue’s care and not being able to contact the owner or emergency contact after 14 days of the above listed pick up date, the bird(s) are considered to have been surrendered and become the sole property of Connecticut Parrot Rescue. At that time, the owner agrees to have released all legal rights and claims to the bird(s). *